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Sunday, August 20, 2006
  Hi this is Dominic
Hi this is Dominic, co-founder of, just thought I would say hi here and kind of explain what this blog is all about.

Basically, this blog serves as a communication platform between Esdena's users and us, we will tell y'all (sorry this is a Texas thing) here what Esdena and the founders are up to and then you guys can leave us comments about pretty much anything besides those that are already covered by customer support.

Just a little background about, we are the world's largest student marketplace in terms of no. of listings and the world's first socialized marketplace. The unique thing about Esdena is our focus on locality and social network. In essence, users can join a network (college), add friends within the network, and then trade items within or outside their network.

As textbooks season is approaching, we are extremely busy promoting the site. In the following days and weeks, we will post here and update y'all about our progress and talk about the experience we have here. At the mean time, please check out our site to see if you can find any books you need for class!

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