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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  Just doing it right
At school, we are taught that we have to do everything right. We have to go to classes on time, turn in assignments on time and properly, and we have to abide to dorm rules or what not. We are accustomed to think "doing it right" is the norm.

Since I have stepped into the business world, this has NOT been the case.

I am constantly amazed that how far ahead from the pack you will be as long as you can just "do it right", you don't even need to be creative or do anything innovative, just "doing it right" is enough. Just like Fedex pride itself on delivering your packages on time; Pizza Hut has a 30 min delivery gaurantee...

In fact, most of the time, businesses do not pay on time, do not answer all their phone calls, and do not deliver products/services on schedule.... Is being "right" too much to ask from the adults?

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