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Thursday, August 31, 2006
  New Features + More Satisfied Customers
Hi, just a quick update here, after this week of hectic transactions, we acquired some valuable feedbacks from y'all and made some changes to the site accordingly.

First off, we recognize that many of you do not use your school email as your primary email address, and thus offer you to add a secondary email address on your account. To add one, please go to "my account" and then "my profile".

Also, there was a little confusion about what the buyers and sellers should do after the sale online, we therefore included more instructions on our sales emails and emails confirmation, including the contact info of both the buyers and the sellers. We will also add more instructions throughout the sales process to ensure seamless transactions.

We have also compiled a list of ideas you guys gave us and will implement it soon, so check out our site at often!

At the mean time, here's another list of happy customers of! (Thanks Cole, Pradyna, and Gilbert for giving us permission to post your picture here!)

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