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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  Northwestern, Evanston, and Chicago
Hey welcome back NU students! Hope y'all had a great summer either chilling at home with friends and homies, filling up your resume with internships or volunteering stuff, or travel abroad to do some touristy/not so touristy stuff.

When I was Evanston at May earlier this year to visit my sister, NU gave me 3 impressions:

1. Cold
2. Cold
3. Cold

For real, it was May and it was maybe 40-50. I was freezing even with my long sleeves and jackets on. What do you guys do in the winter!?

Anyhow, welcome back guys, and if you want to steer away from getting ripped off by Norris, come check out our site at where you can buy/sell directly from/to other NU students!

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